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I’ve hypnotizd DJ Skye, and she’s in my arms feeling good.  I suggest to her that everywhere that she touches her raver candy to her skin it gives her a sexual pleasure.  Then I use post hypnotic suggestions to cause her to orgasm.

See the whole session at http://hypnosisfetish.com (NSFW)

During an erotic hypnosis session with Betty we’re doing some medical role play.  I’ve given her a suggestion that causes her to feel spanked at my slightest touch, but also to feel pleasure at my touch (taking away the spank).  Then I have her orgasm on command via a post hypnotic suggestion.

See the whole session on http://hypnosisfetish.com (NSFW)

One of my classic sessions, originally filmed in 2001, this was the first time I hypnotized Allison. I’m giving her a few orgasms at the end of her private session, and preparing to do my first erotic hypnosis twosome, Allison and Melenia.